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Ken Oriole is a Grammy winning recording engineer who has teamed up with many of the top artists and producers in the industry, and has worked at some of the world’s most renowned studios. Ken is known for his vast technical expertise, musical comprehension, and almost two decades of experience working across multiple genres and in a variety of roles.


Ken graduated with a recording arts degree from Full Sail University in 2005 and moved to Atlanta seeking new opportunities. Big name producers and artists were quick to recognize his technical abilities and work ethic. He started working freelance with Andre Benjamin (Outkast), Sonny Emory (Earth, Wind, and Fire) and continued to do projects with local/regional rock acts.


His versatility paid off in 2010 when he became a full-time staff engineer for mega-producer Tricky Stewart. With Tricky he engineered sessions for artists such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Usher, Jessica Simpson, Semi Precious Weapons, and The Pilot Kids. He also did projects with Aretha Franklin and Frank Ocean around this time.. In 2013, Ken's work with Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange was nominated for an "Album of the Year" Grammy. And later worked on Grammy nominatited project with Anderson paak. 


Ken soon expanded into sound for TV/Film productions (including sound for Ozark)  and became more involved in the business side of the industry. As a long time personal engineer to Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) he moved into tour and artist management while still continuing to work with other major label recording clients. 


After relocating to New York in 2017, he branched out to new artists and genres. In 2022 he won a Grammy for “Album of the Year” for recording and engineering on Jon Batiste’s “We Are.” Along the way, Ken has engineered at many world-famous facilities, including Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La in Malibu, CA and Electric Lady Studios in New York. 


Currently based back in Atlanta, Ken continues to work with major clients and travels to New York and LA often. 

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